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Cheesecake lineup worth the wait

It is not difficult to spot Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake at the Santa Anita Mall. Simply search for a long, stretching line near the Nordstrom’s entrance on the second floor, and you’ll find it: the rich, creamy and soft cheesecake at Uncle Tetsu. The design of the bakery is cute, clean and modern, with a […]

new-student Feature

Foreign students find their place at TC

Freshman Emma Neil and Junior Sophia Park not only moved across the Pacific to Temple City this year, but they also faced entirely different school systems from what they had previously known. Neil transferred from an on-site school at a Japanese Marine Corps base, while Park came from a diverse international school in China. After […]

coria Feature

Coria’s change: Cameras to Comp Sci

“Accept what happens in life,” Ms. Coria said. “Learn from it and then move on from it. “ New AP Computer Science teacher, Ms. Sophia Coria, went through many hardships that helped shape the person she is now. Ms. Coria had her baby daughter Samantha Rose when she was just 18. The pregnancy was unexpected […]

Olympic-Dream Feature

Students strive for the Olympic dream

When Junior Serena Gray began playing volleyball in seventh grade, she had no idea that her hard work would be rewarded by becoming part of USA Volleyball’s National Youth Training Team four years later. Her passion has led her one step closer to the Olympics by giving her a shot to represent the country at […]

Nie Art Feature

A-Nie-mating her future

While most people spent their summer playing Pokémon GO, Junior Jennifer Nie was enhancing her artistic abilities. From July 9 to Aug. 5, Nie attended the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) at California Institute of Arts, a four-week program seeking motivated and talented high school students. Nie applied for the animation course, […]



Meme Club essential to TCHS

Posted  September 26, 2016  by  Christina Zhang

On campus, we have an abundance of clubs that work hard to get approved by ASB, such as the Meme Club. The Meme Club is comprised of a group of memers and dreamers who have great aspirations to someday become the top dogs in the meme game. Contrary to popular belief, clubs like this don’t […]

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Disney’s “Elena of Avalor” disappoints Latinx viewers

Posted  September 26, 2016  by  Kimberly Calderon

Disney has promoted their newest animated TV Show, “Elena of Avalor” as their first Latina princess. The pilot episode of this on Disney Channel quickly skims through the defeat of an evil sorceress, named Shuriki, who took Elena’s parents and kingdom away from her. Now, after defeating Shuriki, the royal teenager is next in line […]

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Quenched on the bench

Posted  September 26, 2016  by  Gracie Chen

The TCHS football players are not the only members of the football program. Behind the scenes, there are water boys and girls who serve the football players at practice and games by preparing jugs of water and, in some cases, Gatorade for the football team during games and practices. For their services, they are officially […]

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Girls Tennis aces preseason play

Posted  September 26, 2016  by  Aaron Ding

The Girls Varsity Tennis team ended their preseason with a 7-1 record. The Lady Rams started their campaign with a six game winning streak, and many of the games ended in one sided scores such as their 17-1 win against the Schurr Spartans on Sept. 13 . Even with a strong start, the team remains […]

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Let your true colors shine

Posted  September 26, 2016  by  Stephanie Shih

I still remember my first day of high school. Being one of the only freshmen in my 0 period class, I sat and stared in amazement at my older peers. Guys were wearing button down shirts, nice jeans, brand new Nikes; girls had perfect winged liner, cute sundresses, strappy sandals—this wasn’t middle school anymore, and […]

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