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Desserts: gotta taste them M’all

At the Santa Anita Mall, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the food choices available: from the food court to stands scattered around the shops. So, the next time you’re there, be sure to try out these new dessert spots. Lady M Amidst the steady stream of Santa Anita mall goers stands the pop-up […]

Wilson yang Feature

Getting on board with Yang

Junior Wilson Yang waits eagerly for winter break to grab his snowboard and visit the freshly coated slopes of Mountain High Ski Resort. Yang became an avid snowboarder after being invited to the mountains and encouraged to try the sport when he was 10. He instantly fell in love with the thrill of cool wind […]

“I heard about the blood drive on the bulletin and signed up at lunch,” Junior Skyler Kelly said, “I would definitely donate again because I believe kind deeds come back to you.” News

A new type of giving

At the American Red Cross’s blood drive for students and staff, approximately 30 people donated blood in room 601 on Nov. 15. As a result of all the recent hurricanes and mass shootings, there is a severe shortage of blood. Additionally, the holiday season always has a small turnout for donors, creating a vast blood […]

ice girls ps Feature

Breaking the ice with Le and Tan

For the past few Sundays, Sophomores Shannon Le and Arielle Tan practice the Waltz Jump, one of their favorite ice skating tricks. Their eyes are steady in concentration, and the prospect of falling lingers in the back of their minds as the surface of the cold, hard ice taunts them. After taking in one last […]

veterans Focus

Local veteran shares his story

A bright, colorful and decorated house on Emperor Avenue with 12 foot inflatables on the roof and lawn may have stopped and mesmerized you. Little did you know, a veteran from the Vietnam War lives behind that very home. E-5 Specialist Mr. James Justus was drafted around the age of 20 to Southeast Asia, where […]



Decoding the code to victory

Posted  September 6, 2016  by  Christina Zhang

Sophomore Eileen Duong focuses intensely on writing her code, preparing herself for the competition. Duong, the software captain of the robotics team, is a part of the FIRST Tech Challenge, a game in which teams design, build and program robots. She is in charge of finalizing and editing codes before each competition. Duong and Sophomore […]

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christy column pic

“Win again then win again like Wimbledon I serve”

Posted  November 7, 2017  by  Christy Tan

Rallying a ball back and forth seems pretty straightforward, but the lessons I’ve gained from playing tennis are priceless. Being an athlete requires determination and high caliber, something I wasn’t sure I had. In tennis, there’s a term for having a negative mindset that holds us back from scoring, dubbed “tilting.” Discouragement sucks, but what’s […]

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Definitely Real News Briefs Issue 10

Posted  March 27, 2015  by  Bobbins Moose

Student Accidentally Does CSL Not For Hours  After being informed by counselors that he had exceeded his 100 hours of CSL requirements, Sophomore Bucky Nelson immediately regretted spending the past five weekends shuffling papers or something at a local hospital. “I could have spent my time doing something meaningful,” Nelson said. “How am I going […]

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Add a few new jingles to your seasonal playlist

Posted  January 7, 2014  by  Bobbins Moose

As the holidays approach, you may feel overwhelmed as the same Christmas songs play repetitively, so take a listen to these fresh new takes on the timeless Christmas spirit to go with the new year. “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson’s first Christmas album, “Wrapped in Red,” released on Oct. 25, contains the […]

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Keep cool easily this summer as the temperatures soar

Posted  May 30, 2013  by  Bobbins Moose

With the temperature rising quickly in Temple City, jumping in a pool is not always an available option. Luckily, there are ways to avoid trudging through the school day a melting, sweaty mess. Instead, stay cool without letting the sun burn you out. Drink lots of water Naturally, your body will sweat during hot days […]

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