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October 5, 2015

How to apply for a job like a boss

Applying for jobs is a fairly simple task. For most businesses, people either apply online or in store. Take your time filling out the form, so it is neatly done.

Most places require a resume, which should include your basic background information, accomplishments, skills and work or volunteering experience.

Unless you must turn it in online, try to submit the application in person. This makes you stand out among other applicants and shows the manager or owner you really want the job.

After the process, you might be called in for an interview so the manager can decide if you are right for the position.

Senior Melanie Castro has worked at two restaurants and knows most aspects of applying and interviewing for jobs.

“Going into an interview may be nerve-wracking at first but remember to be yourself, relax and smile,” Castro said. “Be prepared to miss some school events and have long nights catching up on homework, but through it all, the money and experience you earn will be worth it.”

During an interview, always try to show the interviewer the best version of yourself. Always know what kind of employee they want and prove that you can fit into that role.

However, don’t lie about yourself. Dress professionally to show you respect both the business and the interviewer. Additionally, be well-informed on the business and its operations so you can answer the interviewer’s questions with ease.

“If you’re nervous during the interview, admit it,” Super Pets Owner Mark Markese said. “The interviewer will see that you are being genuine and honest, and you’ll be able to calm down and answer the questions more confidently.”

Many students don’t have experience, and that’s fine—everyone has to start somewhere. Employers, such as Markese, usually give non-experienced students a chance so they can gain experience.


Job Openings

Chipotle at Temple City and Santa Anita mall locations, apply online @

Gap at the mall, apply online @ or

Pandora Jewelry Boutique at the mall, apply online @


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