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October 5, 2015

Football scores first win


The Varsity Football team started off its season with an overall record of 1-3, with losses to Arroyo, Alhambra and La Salle, and a victory against San Gabriel. With the progressing season and current record, the players think some improvements can be made to their style, technique and fluidity as a team.

“Things didn’t go as we expected them to,” Sophomore Isaiah Cassillas said. “We could have won the first few games, but we’re still learning and getting better, both in offense and defense.”

During the home game against San Gabriel High School on Sept. 25, the Rams scored their first win with a score of 21-7. The team scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, followed by a touchdown from the Matadors in the second quarter. The Rams secured their victory with a final touchdown in the third quarter, and neither the Matadors nor the Rams were able to make any touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

At the away game at La Salle on Sept. 18, the Rams lost to the Lancers 63-7. The Lancers scored three touchdowns in the first quarter, four touchdowns in the second quarter and two touchdowns in the third quarter, while the Rams gained one touchdown in the final quarter. Throughout the game, the Rams were prone to a series of incomplete passes, many of which could have resulted in multiple touchdowns in their favor.

This season, the team trained extensively, practicing in the summer, and continuing to do so during school days. During these practices, the team watches footage of the opposing team for the upcoming game, and the players visualize where their positions are on the field. As they visualize their positions, the players anticipate how a scene would unfold, and try to aim for the best possible scenario during the footage.

“We do practice a lot, but it’s mostly in separated, small groups,” Junior Melvyn Hsu said. “But I think that with how our games are turning out so far, we can practice a little bit more as one unit, as one team.”

At the moment, the team has a couple of injured players, among those being Seniors Max Clark and Justin Liang, so the team has had to put in substitutes for them and adjust to the addition of new players during practices.

The Rams have many expectations for this season. They hope to learn from previous games and make more use of techniques learned during practice. Many players also hope to make it to the C.I.F. playoffs this season.

“I personally want to make C.I.F. playoffs this year,” Cassillas said. “And I also hope to get better both individually and as a team at every game we play.”
The Rams will face Azusa at Citrus College on Oct. 2 and San Marino in an away game on Oct. 9.

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