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Temple City High School


July 21, 2016

TCHS welcomes new principal

The Temple City School District Board of Education unanimously decided to hire former Arcadia High School Assistant Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier for the position of principal of TCHS on July 11, bringing the search for a new principal to an end. Superintendent Ms. Kathy Perini initially recommended Dr. Lashier for hire.

The hiring process itself included a rigorous three rounds of interviews held during a two-week period of time. Each candidate, as part of the interview process, had to answer questions, as well as fill out a written exercise.

Due to the interview process, the District Personnel Department gained insight as to the kind of educational leader Dr. Lashier is. Known for her collaborative nature, she has been deemed a proven leader, both accessible and visionary.

“I have been fortunate to teach French, physical education, human physiology and sports medicine,” Dr. Lashier said. “As they cover very different areas, I enjoyed them all in different ways.”

A fluent speaker of French and Mandarin, Dr. Lashier began her teaching career at La Cañada’s Flintridge Preparatory School. There she held the position of teacher as well as certified athletic trainer. Additionally, she is a graduate of the USC Rossier School of Education’s Educational Leader Doctorate program, in which she studied the role of educational leadership on participation in the national program of science and technology fairs in Costa Rica.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the student body, having everyone get to know me and being a part of a community that is growing and learning every day,” Dr. Lashier said. “This is a great learning community that provides a broad range of opportunities for students.”

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