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September 6, 2016

Flashing back to 90’s fashion



Fashion crazes from the 90’s have made a comeback. Although you may not be raiding your mom’s closet anytime soon, modern fashion is now incorporating trendy items from the past.
Among these new popular articles of clothing is the comfortable return of Birkenstocks, cork-soled sandals that mold to your feet and are the finishing touches for a perfect summer outfit or for those days when you simply cannot be bothered.
While the summer heat is still upon us, there is no time better to enjoy the return of crop tops. Coming from the era of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, crop tops are one of the most prominent 90’s fashion revival items. With stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M being stocked full of them it is no surprise they are making an appearance in students’ wardrobe. While “midriff tops” are prohibited in the dress code, you can prevent yourself from being flagged by administration by matching them with a pair of high waisted shorts or wearing a tank top underneath to prevent a bare midriff.
“One of the many popular clothing pieces that are trending now a days are crop tops so I like to pair them with boyfriend jeans and some Doc Martens,” Senior Cinthya Rao said. “I also throw on some hoop earrings and chokers for extra spice.”
Another blast from the past is the denim trend. A few months ago, you might have been shunned for wearing a pair of denim overalls or a jean jacket but now they are all the hype. With the fad of comfortable fashion taking center stage, throw on a pair of overalls and tie a flannel around your waist and it is perfect for students like Junior Justin Chau’s everyday fashion.
“I really think it’s important to think about the past and draw things from it,” Chau said. “I’ve always been fond of stuff from past eras that show what it was like back then.”

About the Author

Elizabeth Liu
Elizabeth Liu is a staff writer and is in the tenth grade. She has an undying love for dogs She also believes that math is a torture technique used to abuse humans.


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