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Temple City High School


September 6, 2016

Roll to Summer Rolls



When I eat, I don’t just eat the food, I try to experience the flavors and fully enjoy my meal. Summer Rolls, a Vietnamese-style restaurant, allowed me to do exactly that. Located across the street from Rosemead High School and with a new location coming soon to Camellia Square, Summer Rolls is perfect for a quick meal or a casual dinner with your family or friends.
When I walked through the glass doors, I was greeted by a modern Asian design that gives the restaurant a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. I was seated rather quickly by an enthusiastic server who was very understanding when I asked her to describe and recommend some of the dishes.
I decided to try their famous pork rolls, beef rolls and a bowl of noodles topped with lemon-grass chicken and a mix of vegetables. My first impression of their pork summer rolls was that they were larger than expected. The rolls were a good size for a filling meal with a couple left over. The flavor I got from the rolls mostly came from the fresh vegetables, while the pork was subtlety juicy, yet both the beef and pork rolls tasted similar and came with a bright orange dip that added sweetness with a hint of shrimp to each bite.
The last dish I ordered was a little plain since, aside from the chicken, the bowl’s only flavor came from the vegetables and noodles. Although the rest of the bowl was plain, the chicken was phenomenal. It was simple, but it had zesty and smoky flavors that accompanied each other to create a perfect balance.
Even though the menu prices varied from $7-$19, I think the rolls are the best deal, since they are only about $8, depending on which you choose. All in all, I have to admit that I’ll be rolling back to Summer Rolls.

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