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September 6, 2016

Girls Volleyball sets up for success

Volleyball Lede

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team started their season with a victory against the Rosemead Panthers and a loss to the Pasadena Polytechnic Panthers. The Rams beat Rosemead, winning three sets in a row, and starting their season off on a win in their home opener.
“This year, we have more experience. 11 of our players played on the team last year,” Volleyball Coach Lyle Takeshita said. “I feel like we are in a good position to do very well this season as long as we play to the best of our ability.”
From the very start, the Rams mounted a relentless offense, giving them the edge they needed. The team quickly won the first two sets, but struggled in the third set against a Rosemead offensive before regaining their momentum to defeat the Rosemead Panthers. The game ended with a score of 3-0.
The team’s experience has helped with the teams early win. With only two players graduated from last year’s team, the varsity team was left mostly in tact. While many teams are starting fresh, the Lady Rams’ team chemistry and game plan can carry over from the past season. The team hopes their experience and chemistry can help them improve their 6-14 record from last season.
During the match with Pasadena Polytechnic, the Lady Rams started off strong, taking the first set. However, the tide changed during the second set when the team began to go on the defensive. The Rams continued to lose ground during the third set, eventually giving the win to Pasadena Polytechnic.
During the fourth and last set, the Lady Rams and the Panthers both played at a ferocious pace, and were neck to neck in score. Polytechnic gained a last minute upper hand, ending the game in a 3-1 loss for the Lady Rams.
Despite their loss, the team remains determined during practice. In the past, Lady Rams’ started practice with a serving machine as simulation. This season, due to the team’s experience, they have moved straight into the more challenging live serves. The more advanced practice made team members feel optimistic about the season.
However, the Lady Rams have another reason to remain optimistic. Darcee Young, who has been on the team since her freshman year, is predicted to return this season after taking a year’s leave due to a torn ACL last season.
“Honestly speaking, I think this is the season where we have the talent and the experience to actually win,” Senior Amy Kubo said. “This is all our second season together. So this season, we’re going to win. That’s it, cause this is the team.”

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