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September 26, 2016

Debate over Aeries, Edline

Since the start of school, students have been making the transition from Edline to Aeries. Teachers have been using Aeries for semester grades and to access the student information system for years, and now students will be using it as well.
Aeries directly connects students to their transcripts and attendance, a feature that was not available on Edline.
“I do feel that the benefits of Aeries outweigh Edline’s because there is one feature on Aeries that I really appreciate,” Junior Sean Wu said. “We are allowed to view our entire transcript and know our exact GPA, both weighted and nonweighted.”
Blackboard is an educational tool that bought Edline. According to Vice Principal Mr. Aaron Chang, the school will eventually make its changeover to Blackboard, but Aeries poses a temporary solution until that change happens.
Aeries includes services such as a notification of library fines, a student profile and a calendar. Additionally, parents can be slightly more involved with Aeries and will recieve emails regarding their child’s attendance and grades.
However, some teachers feel that changing from Edline to Aeries will be more of a hassle than a benefit. The change presents a problem for teachers who use Edline extensively because they will have to begin using Aeries for everything, not just semester grades or attendance like before.
“I much prefer Easy Grade Pro in terms of the options available to me as a teacher,” Chemistry teacher Mrs. Deborah Gewecke said. “From a parent’s point of view, I would prefer Aeries.”
Due to an expired certificate, students who attempt to log in are facing an unsafe network and “improper website configuration.” The district is looking into this dilemma and is persistent on solving it as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to go through with the website to impose the change efficiently.
“Some of the freshmen had trouble accessing the website, but it seems that everyone is getting used to it,” Freshman Adeline Ho said. “Aeries is going to be a large part of our studies, and it will end up becoming the new online grading system if all goes well.”

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