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September 26, 2016

Don’t let the field bugs bite

If you’ve ever been near the rusty, wired gates that fence off the baseball and soccer fields, you can see a small, laminated sign that reads, “Lawn Chemicals Applied.”
The pesticide has been sprayed since July 30. The Facility Services and Maintenance Department holds an annual contract with Serv Pro to spray Demand CS on the fields. Characterized by its off-white pigment and slight fragrance, Demand CS is sprayed monthly. The insecticide is meant to kill common pests and potential disease-carrying vermin like roaches, mosquitoes and flies.
“I understand the need for pesticide to be applied on the fields,” Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier said. “My main stance is that the students and community’s safety is placed first so that no one will be negatively affected from the use of the pesticide.”
According to, direct contact with Demand CS can cause side effects such as eye and skin irritations, allergic skin reactions and slight burning sensations that can last from six to 24 hours. Though there is no shown link between the two, some athletes have developed a rash after practicing on the field and are curious if the pesticide could be the cause.
“Whenever I fall on the grass, I usually get these itchy bumps on my arms,” Junior Cody Chi said. “I think that the football team should definitely know more about it because we’re out there everyday and it actually affects our skin and could cause problems.”
Demand CS provides residual pest control for up to four months. This is the fourth year Demand CS has been used on the fields.
The pesticide works for up to four months and has been sprayed on the fields for the past four years.

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