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September 26, 2016

Meme Club essential to TCHS

On campus, we have an abundance of clubs that work hard to get approved by ASB, such as the Meme Club. The Meme Club is comprised of a group of memers and dreamers who have great aspirations to someday become the top dogs in the meme game.

Contrary to popular belief, clubs like this don’t just occupy an advisor’s spot to troll around Compared to clubs that claim to benefit society or increase our knowledge about the world around us, these comical clubs provide a much more efficient way to pass time.

“Join Meme Club so we can try our hand at out-memeing each other,” Meme Club President Don Turnup said. “It’s not like you don’t tag your friends in memes on Facebook all day anyway.”

While many dank memers are attracted to such a club, there are students who opt to stay away from this club, believing its membership to be a waste of time.

These nonbelievers believe the club seeks

out members in the same way that greedy Mr. Krabs looks for money. This is simply not true.

Meme Club is one of the most essential clubs to our student body.

After all, this club represents everything we stand for: procrastination, pointless jokes and pop culture.

“I don’t always get asked to advise a club,” club advisor Mr. Feels McBadman said. “But when I do, it’s the most important club on campus.”

Students who make clubs with the intention of merely attracting the attention of colleges or goofing off with friends fail to see why clubs are important. Fortunately, Meme Club is not like that at all!

Meme Club is absolutely invaluable to TCHS. If students are going to waste time, and we all know they will, isn’t it better that they goof off on the school’s time?

With the alternative being students resorting to meme-creation and trolling during valuable homework-intended hours, Meme Club proves undeniably essential to student well-being.


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