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October 17, 2016

Odd ranch dressing pairings


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Sissi Lin


a-dressing the issue

A-dressing the issue

In many homes, dressing and stuffing are used interchangeably to reference the steamy mixture of bread and croutons. The one glaring difference between stuffing and dressing is that stuffing is traditionally stuffed into the tu...
by Michelle Zhang


Keep cool easily this summer as the temperatures soar

With the temperature rising quickly in Temple City, jumping in a pool is not always an available option. Luckily, there are ways to avoid trudging through the school day a melting, sweaty mess. Instead, stay cool without lettin...
by Bobbins Moose

Photo May 21, 12 32 19 PM(1)

Test your heat level with these spicy restaurants

Despite the hot weather and my vegetarian diet, my taste for spicy food still stands strong. Born into a Singaporean family, I have eaten all kinds of spicy dishes since I was a kid—I practically bleed spices. Needless to say...
by Bobbins Moose



Treat them like dogs, not dolls

Dressed in fur-lined booties, bejeweled sunglasses and a blindingly pink tracksuit, the chihuahua kept a low profile, keeping his eyes fixated on the concrete below to avoid the humans’ coos of “sweetie pie” and “cutie ...
by Bobbins Moose



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