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October 17, 2016

Australians articulate American tastes

Guest DJ: Brodie Harris

“WILD” — Troye Sivan

Harris loves how soothing Sivan’s voice is, especially after a long day when she needs to calm down. His entire album helps her destress, and will always be one of her favorites.

“A.M.” — One Direction

One Direction is one of her favorite bands. Even though the band is super mainstream and overhyped, she appreciates the thought they put into their lyrics, and she can always get lit to them.

“Closer” — Chainsmokers

This always gets her in a better mood, and she’s memorized all the lyrics in a short amount of time. Even though she hears it everywhere, she’s still not tired of it.

“Drunk” — Ed Sheeran

Harris loves anything and everything by Ed Sheeran because his songs are legendary.

“Everything about him is wonderful, from his personality to his music,” Harris said. “He is extremely talented and I am glad he’s a part of my life.”

“Tiny Dancer” — Elton John

Even though this song is pretty much a classic, Harris still loves it because she can always jam out to it.

“Anyone can jam to it, even if they don’t know it,” Harris said. “There’s no way to go wrong with his music. He helped shape music in the entire world, and will continue to impact it forever.”

“Love Yourself” — Justin Bieber

Harris personally loves the soft vibes this song contributes to any setting, especially when she’s studying or working on homework. As she’s listening to this song, she imagines playing the guitar next to a campfire.

Favorite American Telvison Shows: Sophee Turner

Rampage: What are your favorite television shows from America and why?

Sophee Turner: My favorite television show from America is “Modern Family” because the show is extremely funny and a great show to watch with my family members. I find the show quite relatable in many ways. At home in Australia, my family would always watch it together on Sunday. I also love watching “Saturday Night Live” since they often feature short skits and parodies from pop culture. I enjoy watching the SNL cast make fun of other celebrities. Even though I don’t watch it very often, I also enjoy watching “The Ellen Show” because she’s absolutely hilarious in every single way.

Aussies Take On America

“I enjoy See’s candies, Kahlua Cream Cheese Pie from Marie Callender’s, Kettle Corn and bacon wrapped guacamole balls. I have always had a sweet tooth for pies, especially chocolates and candies.”

— Laura Holman

“Honestly the American election is a joke. Either way it’s not an ideal situation for the country to be in. I’m hoping that Australia doesn’t get influenced. But I do have a better alternative! #darcyforpresident2020”

—Darcy Ryan

“Something that is popular here that isn’t big in Australia is Halloween. It’s looked at as an American thing to do and no one celebrates it. If you do, it’s kind of a joke. It’s just not part of our culture.”

—Tiarna Foster


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