TCHS Rampage

Temple City High School


October 17, 2016

Trekking through the technological toils

During the bloom of the new school year, students and faculty experienced the absence of internet connection due to the network’s need to be upgraded and inability to maintain a stable connection. Students were unable to print or browse the web in the computer lab for similar reasons.
Teachers often found themselves having to come up with new lesson plans because the school network was down and their original plan was technology-based.
“The lack of reliability makes me not want to move to a more technology-based classroom, but go back to more traditional ways of teaching,” Psychology teacher Ms. Kyla Hjertstedt said. “We lose our window to use the MacBooks if our Internet or the device isn’t working.”
These issues resulted from the network’s infrastructure and old age. To repair this, the district’s Technology Services Department is upgrading and replacing parts of the network. The network derives from a Main Distribution Facility, a facility that transmits signals and extends the network to many Intermediate Distribution Frames across campus. IDF’s are large, black boxes found in some classroms that contain drives, cables and switches. District staff members replaced 60 or more switches that connect devices to the network.
“The new network hasn’t been completed at this time. There is still new fiber cable that will run throughout campus that will increase bandwidth,” Assistant Principal Mr. Aaron Chang said. “The new network will eventually handle a 10 gigabit connection.”
In addition, a better wireless network is replacing the school’s previous system. The Wi-Fi originates from a main access controller that connects other access points across campus, similar to wireless routers found in homes. The school has switched from Aruba access points to the Ruckus R710 in order to create a stronger, quicker and more stable connection.
Administration hopes the district staff members will finalize the school network within a month.

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