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November 7, 2016

Meet Fresh Desserts


Meet Fresh offers a unique take on traditional Taiwanese desserts by mixing drink toppings favorites with other small, flavorful ingredients.
Located in the newly built Camellia Square, Meet Fresh introduces a modern design presented through a simple and open dining area.
Upon entry, customers are greeted by large screens displaying menu items. As soon as a cashier takes their order, customers are able to enjoy their meal in a comfortable dining area that contains cushioned stools.
The Meet Fresh menu exhibits a variety of choices, ranging from dessert dishes to classic teas. In addition, familiar milk tea drinks and an assortment desserts are offered on their menu.
With my visit occurring less than 24 hours after the initial opening, Meet Fresh captioned this as a “Soft Opening” to warn customers that the experience may not yet be complete and some menu items and ingredients may still not be available.
Once reaching the counter, I ordered the Cold Herbal Jelly No. 5, Hot Meet Fresh Signature and the Purple Rice Porridge. Within a few minutes of placing my order, my food was ready.
First, I tasted the Cold Herbal Jelly No. 5. Topped with rice balls, kidney beans, boba and herbal jelly, this shaved ice dish is perfect for when the weather is hot.
The jelly provides a tartness that is quickly followed by the sweetness of the rice balls and boba. When the kidney beans are thrown into the mix, it explodes with flavor that perfectly accompanies the dish’s flavor.
Next, the Hot Meet Fresh signature offers a similar taste as the Cold Herbal Jelly No. 5, with the only differences being the hot jelly and small taro balls.
As expected, the heat from the jelly dulled the bitterness but emphasized the sweetness found in the other ingredients, especially in the boba and kidney beans. The taro balls, though flavorless, added a enjoyable texture that makes each bite feel extra filling.
Lastly came the Purple Rice Porridge. My advice to you on this dish is to order it hot and to add the cream and peanuts that come along with it.
The porridge by itself is bland but with the addition of the cream and peanuts, it is a completely different taste. The cream instantly adds the sweet dairy flavor that the porridge desperately needs, and the peanuts finalize the experience with a salty crunch in each bite.
Although my hunger at Meet Fresh was left unsatisfied, I did enjoy the unique flavors I experienced. With all items priced below $10, I am eager to try milk teas and puddings once they’re fully stocked and ready.

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