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November 7, 2016

Keeping up with the kandidates


With the changing colors of autumn leaves comes the premiere of television’s most popular shows. Among my favorites this time of year is the 57th season of the Presidential Debates, starring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
If you enjoyed the past three episodes and need a new series to binge on, the following shows share similar elements with the Presidential Debates.

“The Walking Dead”
If you enjoyed the candidates ruthlessly ripping each other apart, then the newest season of “The Walking Dead” is to die for.
The sadistic pleasure you derive from watching the candidates’ bicker is the same adrenaline rush you receive from watching Rick Grimes chop up walkers, or Neegan bashing out the brains of Glenn and Abraham. Both shows feature characters who go for the jugular while leaving fans screaming for more blood.

“Parks and Recreation”
Set on a federal and local level of government, respectively, the Debates and “Parks and Recreation” incorporate humorous notes throughout each episode, like when Ron Swanson attempts to learn how to use the Internet or when Trump promises to boost the economy by providing more jobs and lowering taxes from 35% to 15%.
Citizens of all ages can enjoy a good laugh watching Leslie Knope attempting to integrate herself into the “boys’ club” or Clinton attempting to appeal to the youth of the United States.

“American Horror Story”
Though you may have clutched your green card while watching the debates, you’ll want to curl up with a comforting stuffed animal when watching “AHS”.
If you enjoyed Trump and Clinton’s battle for presidency, prepare yourself for all out bitchcraft between Madison Montgomery and Zoe Benson as they vy for the position of Supreme of the coven.
If listening to Trump’s policies or the idea of allowing the woman responsible for Benghazi run the country was enough to make you wish Nazi Dr. Arthur Arden was running for president, the blood curdling scenes in “AHS” will leave you thankful that both plots are merely make-believe figments of some producer’s twisted imagination.

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