TCHS Rampage

Temple City High School


November 8, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Census: Students participate, vote for their preferred candidates


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Bobbins Moose
Bobbins Moose is the mascot of Rampage. He represents all alumni that have come and gone through Rampage program here at Temple City High School.


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PoliTalk with Andrew Kosanovich

What do you see in Donald Trump that makes him appeal to you? He’s not afraid to speak his mind and that really won over the hearts of people who don’t have that voice. He’s giving them a voice. Another thing I like about...
by Bobbins Moose


Alumni Watch: Former Rams urge citizens to vote

Class of 2008 alumnus Catherine Fanchiang stares in disbelief at the amount of black, shiny ink that covers her sore hand. As she stretches her exhausted hands, the scratching sound of pens on crisp paper fill the room, and cla...
by Emily Hsu


Keeping up with the kandidates

With the changing colors of autumn leaves comes the premiere of television’s most popular shows. Among my favorites this time of year is the 57th season of the Presidential Debates, starring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. ...
by Bobbins Moose



Media bias clouds real politics

When news of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy broke, the media erupted with stories about the announcement, and a significant number of news outlets, including the Washington Times and Fox News, posed this hard-hitting question to...
by Bobbins Moose



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