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January 17, 2017

News Briefs

Dance Concert
The annual dance concert at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on Jan. 13 showcased a wide range of talented groups with performances centered around the theme “The Story Within.”
“The theme for the dance concert this year is focused on the idea that every dance has a story behind it,” Sophomore Choreo member Alison Hwang said. “We really try to express this story through our movements and through the dance.”
Choreo was the main performing group, and senior Choreo members danced solos they choreographed themselves. The beginning and advanced dance classes displayed the skills they learned this semester in hip hop routines. Other school groups, including boys athletics, Advanced Drama and staff members, performed.
Krampus on Campus
Although the holiday season has passed, German teacher Ms. Judith Graunke wants to keep students in the spirit by introducing a relatively unknown tradition in the United States: Krampus.
After seeing the inaccuracy of the 2015 horror movie “Krampus,” she wanted to provide correct information about the folklore figure.
“If you’re going to talk about Krampus, tell the truth,” Ms. Graunke said. “I just thought, we’ve got to have a Krampus run to educate people that the point of it is to scare people, not kill them.”
Though Krampus runs are traditionally in early December. The German 3 and 4 classes are making Krampus masks using paper mache and plastic bases while learning about the tradition behind it. They plan to go around scaring the language classes some time after finals this month.

About the Author

Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso
Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso is a TCHS junior and second year staff writer for Rampage. She writes articles, takes pictures, and does illustrations for the publication! She also edits and designs a monthly newsletter for Longden Elementary.



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