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January 17, 2017

PoliTalk with Andrew Kosanovich

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What do you see in Donald Trump that makes him appeal to you?
He’s not afraid to speak his mind and that really won over the hearts of people who don’t have that voice. He’s giving them a voice. Another thing I like about him is that he’s a businessman and he is going to get business done. Some cities have been hit hard because of certain taxes on carbon emissions; some coal towns have pretty much gone under and he’s offering another chance, a revival.

What do you expect from him once he takes on the role of president?
Earlier in this campaign, there were different stages. During the primaries, when it’s him against ten other guys, he would make the biggest, outright claims to get the media’s attention so they would focus on him. The closer he got, the more serious he started getting and by the general election, he was fairly presidential. Especially right after Hillary conceded, his speech was very gracious. It was presidential. That development, if that can happen in a year, four years would definitely make a great president out of him.

What part of Donald Trump do you find lacking?
There are few legit arguments people might have against him, such as him saying that he would try to prosecute different media outlets that would write articles about him. Which isn’t wrong, but might be misinterpreted as a violation of the First Amendment. I think, especially with all the support he’s been putting behind the Constitution, it’s something he wants to be careful about. Also, I believe it’s necessary for him to develop his public speaking skills so he does not stumble over his points during the debates. He has the information and intellect, but it’s difficult to convey his message due to his lack of experience in public engagements.


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