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January 24, 2017

Season finale reviews, spoilers

Warning: Spoiler alerts ahead!
Sometimes it seems as if our favorite TV show finales rack us with grief more than they bring us joy. However, the main purpose of endings is to give us closure, whether it be acceptable in our eyes or not.
“Descendants of the Sun”
South Korean TV series, “Descendants of the Sun,” released its notable ending in April 2016. Freshman Jerome Guan had wishful expectations of a stereotypical fairy tale ending after seeing protagonists Yoo Shi-jin and Dr. Kang display an apparent romance in the first 15 episodes. To his dismay, Yoo Shi-jin dies two episodes prior to the finale. His love interest, Dr. Kang, is heartsick but regains her composure to say her final goodbye to him. Bewildering the audience, Yoo Shi-jin returns from the dead and the two are overcome with lust for each other.
“We saw a missile flying towards them and there was even a funeral, so Yoo Shi-jin was assumed to be dead,” Guan said. “When he suddenly appeared again, I was in awe, because I thought he was gone for good. They went on to a happily ever after, finishing the drama flawlessly.”
Junior Joey Yu is satisfied with the finale of popular American TV series “Revenge,” featuring the notorious conspirators, Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson, at gunpoint. Victoria does not survive the clash, whereas Emily lives with the help of a heart transplant. She has an ambiguous dream that the heart came from Victoria, and the audience is left to decide for themselves whether the hallucination is real or not. Emily then recovers and marries Jack.
“I think the ending was juxtaposed,” Yu said. “It is jubilant because their feud ends and Emily goes on to live her life without eternal guilt, but it is also sorrowful because of the deaths that occurred.”
Emily’s father also passes in the final episode after having been diagnosed with brain cancer. Although tragic, his death is peaceful and symbolic of his endless love for Emily. A figure represented by two sideways infinity signs is dear to the two, and it is carved delicately onto his gravestone. Yu is grateful that the closing episode was so serene after undergoing a sensational four seasons.
“Gossip Girl”
Senior Jessica Yan is entranced by everything “Gossip Girl” has to offer, from shopping sprees to unbreakable friendships. Couples Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass along with Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey are wed in the contested series finale. Following Bart Bass’s passing, the marriage between Blair and Chuck is an attempt to dissuade any testimony against Chuck for Bart’s death. Viewers had long awaited the reveal of the identity of Gossip Girl, also known as the brains behind the site who exposes local scandal. Writers declare Dan Humphrey to have been the deceiving Gossip Girl the entire time.
“There was just so much information thrown at you in the last episode, it felt like a whole other season in itself,” Yan said. “Lots of scheming went into making it happen, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

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