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February 8, 2017

Noah brings comedy to Capitol Hill

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” can be viewed during weeknights on Comedy Central. The program is rated TV-14.

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” can be viewed during weeknights on Comedy Central. The program is rated TV-14.

After years and years of hearing the constant comments of adoration towards “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” by a good friend of mine, it was time to see how good his show really is.
Clad in a sleek suit and tie, Trevor Noah, the show host, has a charismatic glow and charm that make it hard to look away. His gentle yet firm demeanor allow the viewers of the show to better sympathize and understand his comments, unlike the often fiery rants that can be seen on Fox News or other networks.
I mean I get it: he’s very eloquent, and knows how to handle rocky topics with a unique and often satirical twist. That is how Noah manages to not truly offend anyone except for his conservatively leaning viewers.
As a first time viewer, I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I had only ever seen clips of his show on my Facebook feed. Due to my personal experience of trying to talk with my parents and people online, I know that it’s hard enough to navigate through a rough political climate but being able to add a bit of satire to all the seriousness was the part that I couldn’t really see. However, Noah manages to execute this tactic very well, smoothly injecting a bit of comedic relief time and time again throughout his shows when things are getting too heated.
The first time I got a taste of this was during Noah’s interview with Tomi Lahren, another young show host known for being extremely outspoken. Lahren, however, is extremely conservative while Noah tends to lean towards more liberal sensibilities. The two engaged on topics such as BLM and why she lashed out on Colin Kaepernick’s protest, essentially revisiting why she’s been accusing them of being non-Americans for protesting.
“There’s nothing wrong with seeing color,” Noah said. “But it’s how you treat color that is the most important thing.”
I particularly found this quote powerful yet simple enough for those who truly don’t take the time or effort to understand why people feel such a tension when it comes to relations between one another.
From my own experience, I know it’s hard to be able to truly discuss anything political with someone as and Lahren were able to do.
While watching, you can see Noah analyzing her very provocative approaches to the topics, and returning valid rebuttals to her sometimes outrageous comments towards movements like BLM. By addressing these claims head on with facts, he not only is educating his audience about the truth but showing them that you can overcome arguments with a level head when regarding controversial topics.
The main thing that I think should be taken away from his show is that there is a right way to approach discussion, instead of immediately believing everything you read, do research and keep an open mind when doing so.
Thinking before speaking is another characteristic that Noah often exhibits. I appreciate this and I believe that those engaged in open discussion can serve to learn from Noah. The final thing that I took away is the fact that people often criticize what they don’t know or understand, so learn from their mistakes and teach them the truth.
People nowadays have their own political agendas. Whether sparked by parental influence or from the internet, they’re the reasons for unrest between American citizens today.
Although, he is someone who has only been doing this for a couple of years, Noah is doing quite well with this show. He is new in a sense that he does not blatantly attack other political figures and does allow for some kind of relief from the often heavy issues of today.

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