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February 8, 2017

A Rambidextrous guide to contacting your representatives

The Rambidextrous Guide to Contacting your Representatives

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Charlie Dodge



GOP moderation not so grand

Any senior interested in politics is enjoying an eventful fall, studying up on the 2016 presidential candidates in preparation for their first chance to vote. However, in this election cycle, the debates have displayed more fan...
by Bobbins Moose


Media bias clouds real politics

When news of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy broke, the media erupted with stories about the announcement, and a significant number of news outlets, including the Washington Times and Fox News, posed this hard-hitting question to...
by Bobbins Moose


stephen photo

Proposition 30 brings hope to California’s failing school system

roposition 30 isn’t just a tax, it’s an investment in the youth. “Education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don’t need little changes, we need gigantic revolutionary changes. Schools should be ...
by Bobbins Moose

The PTSA has been actively promoting the Yes on S campaign during school functions, such as Back to School night and Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Save Temple City schools, vote Yes on Measure S

his November, Temple City residents will find an extra item on their ballot: the very important Measure S. Measure S is a bond resolution that, if passed, will raise $128.8 million through property taxes to renovate and improve...
by Bobbins Moose



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