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February 8, 2017

Bae or no bae: it’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you’re in a relationship or not, you may be wondering what to do on this special, long weekend.

For all you single ladies and bachelors

Give gifts to your loved ones
Contrary to popular belief that Valentine’s Day is only for those in a relationship, it is the perfect day to exchange gifts.
Junior Keila Barrios, who is currently single, acknowledges some of her closest friends by expressing her love through gifts.
“I write cards and give small gifts that contain brownies and heart-shaped cupcakes to my friends,” Barrios said. “I am thankful for my friends who will always be there for me when I need them.”

Go out with your friends
Instead of crying your eyes out because you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, you can always choose to be like Sophomore Rachel Trac and spend it with your other single friends.
“My friends and I go out to eat and watch movies together,” Trac said. “We drive around LA singing to our favorite songs.”

Spend it with your celebrity crush
Having countless celebrity crushes in my life can sometimes be difficult to handle, so this year, I’m planning on spending Valentine’s Day with all of them.
Instead of going out on a date with my nonexistent boyfriend, I am going to be staying up all night and catching up on all those variety shows and dramas that I missed out on during finals week.

For all you love birds

Magical Day in Disneyland
With the special offer that Disneyland is offering to all SoCal residents, many couples have already planned on visiting to celebrate.
Junior Jeremy Xu and his boyfriend Sophomore Evan Hu, are one of the many couples who plan on going to Anaheim to share a magical day together.
The special offer costs $149 and includes a three-day ticket, with which people can go to any one park per day, excluding blackout days, which are April 9 through April 23. Tickets expire on May 25.

Keep it simple
For Freshman Rose Wang and boyfriend Junior Drake Fan, Valentine’s Day will be a very significant day for them, since it is their first one together.
Even though they are going to keep it simple by doing everyday activities, anything can be romantic and fun as long as they are together.
“We’re planning on just hanging out, watching a cheesy movie and then making fun of it,” Wang said. “We are also cooking our favorite foods for dinner together.”

Let’s go to the beach
Senior Ivy Liang prefers to spend Valentine’s Day by strolling down memory lane, which she shares with her boyfriend, Senior Wilson Tong.
“Santa Monica State Beach is a place where we have special memories together,” Liang said. “It was the first beach we went to together. We put our feet in the water and tried to write on the sand with our feet.”

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