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February 8, 2017

Alumni Watch: Weisz in D.C. March

As soon as she stepped out of her college dormitory, 2016 Alumnus Bailee Weisz felt an empowering atmosphere in the air as she made her way to the Women’s March in Washington D.C on Jan. 21.
Weisz decided she wanted to be a part of the rally after hearing that the Women’s March would be taking place just blocks away from her school, George Washington University. As a student of “The Most Politically Active Campus in the Nation,” there was talk about the protest during the days leading up to the rally, and a sense of excitement and motivation buzzing amongst her peers that she couldn’t ignore.
“I was inspired by all the strong women in my life who have made me who I am,” Weisz said. “I wanted to take part in something so historic happening right in my own backyard and to show solidarity for women fighting for fundamental rights.”
Throughout the march, Weisz proudly displayed a sign with the words “Keep your laws off my body,” which was directed towards laws restricting family planning and abortion. She also wore a shirt that said, “You owe me 21 cents,” referring to the current wage gap.
Despite the packed streets due to the overwhelming number of marchers, everyone was thrilled to show their support. Weisz was astonished as she looked out into the sea of protestors that attended the historic event.
“I think the Women’s March showed that the human race is stronger when faced with adversity,” Weisz said. “Everyone there had a strong sense of purpose to bring love and equality, and from the overall energy, their purpose was fulfilled.”

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