TCHS Rampage

Temple City High School


February 8, 2017

Robotics for the win


The TCHS Ramroids robotics team recently added eight members in order to change the team dynamic and bring in new talent. With new teammates and a refreshed mindset for the season, the Ramroids are looking to take the league by storm.
At the moment, the Ramroids are on the rise after their league victory over nine other local competitors. Despite initial struggles to complete their robot on time, the Ramroids pulled off a first place win during the Jan. 21 home tournament.
“The way the competitions work is that your robot has to be able to efficiently and fluidly perform certain functions such as tossing a ball into the air,” Senior Eric Lau said. “Since we were integrating everyone into their positions during the beginning of the year, our robot struggled, but by the time the second tournament came around, we were ready.”
Even with this success, the team is not quite satisfied with their performance and are continuing to improve upon its designs and making upgrades for the robot. As a team, they work up to twenty hours a week testing and adjusting their robot.
This dedication towards robotics brings the team a step closer in achieving its ultimate goal. Last year, the robotics team fell just short in qualifying for regionals, where the best of the best compete for a shot at scholarships, among other prizes.
“Coming into the robotics team this year was a great rush and an even greater learning experience,” Junior Jacky Luo said. “Through our team cohesion and chemistry, I know that we will be able to surpass last year’s performance and reach the regional competition.”
The Ramroids then placed third overall in the Jan. 28 tournament at Temple City, but this has not deterred them in the slightest.
“Right before the competition, we found a slight flaw in our robot but didn’t have time to change it,” Captain Senior William Xu said. “We definitely would’ve won the matches if our robot had been operating at peak performance.”
The Ramroids’ next match will be an interleague competition on Sunday, Feb. 12 at Monrovia High School.

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