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February 27, 2017

Fill up your stomach with these double stacked cheeseburgers from local joints

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When you think of America’s favorite meal, you instantly think of the classic go-to fast food, hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Burger joints have come to dominate America’s fast food restaurants.  Across the nation, you can find numerous, different brands and styles of burgers, such as double cheeseburgers, that each highlight a different aspect and flavor from different parts of the country.
Shake Shack: Too much buck, not enough bang
Shake Shack: a modern burger joint that adds a simple yet unique twist to the famous dish. Before expanding to the west coast, Shake Shack was a popular restaurant in the east coast. Designed with an urban style, this restaurant is mostly walled with windows to welcome both light and customers.
Shake Shack serves a wide array of unique American foods, ranging from $2 to $15 each, including burgers, hot dogs, frozen treats, beverages and even options for pets. During my visit to Shake Shack, I was immediately tied to trying the Roadside Double, a double cheeseburger with Dijon mustard and grilled onions.
My first bite of the burger was perfect in all aspects. I tasted the explosive flavor that the grilled onions and Dijon mustard form. The juiciness of the two thick beef patties and of the melted Swiss cheese come together to create an amazing twist on the cheeseburger. Though the burger was phenomenal, it was too small for my taste and left me craving another burger.
The Shackburger is Shake Shack’s take on the classic hamburger. Priced at an expensive $5.55, this burger is nothing more than a decent burger. Overall, this burger was enjoyable, but they the lettuce and tomato lacked in freshness, and instead they were limp and had a dull flavor. Lastly, I had some fries that were tasteful but soggy. Shake Shack excels in flavor, but fails to satisfy hungry customers.
In-N-Out: Ol’ Reliable
In-N-Out is exclusively located on the west coast, midwest and Texas has become one of the most popular burger joints in the nation. Californians know that if they visit In-N-Out, there will surely be a line, but they don’t let the food chain’s popularity scare them away, because cashiers are speedy quick. The short menu includes a variety of burgers, fries and milkshakes, which are all priced under $6.
Before arriving, I had already determined my order would be a Double Double burger with grilled onions, an order of fries and a small drink. Only after a few minutes of placing my order, I heard my number yelled out. As always, the secret sauce and grilled onions were the first flavor to hit my taste buds. Together, they pair with the beef and vegetables to deliver a perfect ensemble of freshness and comfort. I quickly devoured my burger and turned to the fries. Having achieved the desired golden yellow, these fries had a balanced amount of crispiness and salt. In order to wash down my meal, I sipped on a soda mix called “Lemon Up,” a secret menu drink that is half lemonade and half 7-Up. As expected, In-N-Out fulfilled all expectations and continues to perfect the American hamburger.
The Habit: Burger dinner for winners
Upon arrival to the Habit in the Rosemead Plaza, I was pleased to see that an outdoor seating area was available. Once inside, a welcoming Californian design, with lively colors and soothing artworks, greets customers. The menu offers different takes on cheeseburgers, unique sandwiches, fresh salads and deep-fried sides, which all can be singularly ordered for less than $8.
Despite the large handful of customers that piled up in front of me, the line died down very quickly, and I had placed my order within ten minutes of arriving. After placing my order, I filled my 21oz. drink with the unique “Fresh Brewed” Citrus Green Tea, which turned out to be refreshing and light. I took my seat outside on the metal tables and seats, which were not as uncomfortable as expected.
Once receiving my meal, I noticed the Double Charburger appears to be decent but lacks the freshness from the lettuce and tomato. However, out of the three burger joints, the Habit definitely delivers the most in flavor and quality. The thick, juicy patties burst with a sweet, smoky flavor and are beautifully covered with melted American cheese. Before I finished my double cheeseburger, I had to move on to the fries, because I was already getting full. The large pile of golden fries was perfectly fried and salted, and retained their heat and crisp while I was eating my burger. All in all, the Habit was an amazing experience and ended with full satisfaction.
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