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February 27, 2017

Prepare for trouble: Make it double with these sibling pairs in extracurriculars

Jeremy and Joshua Lin
Freshmen Jeremy and Joshua Lin are together every minute of the day at school, from their zero period class to their nighttime drumline practice.
Born only one minute apart, the Lin twins are best friends. They help each other with their homework and play League of Legends together. You will never see them apart, since they have band, freshman seminar and Honors Biology together.
“Most people can’t tell us apart,” Jeremy said. “We’re always together, and we talk and act the same. It’s nice having my brother with me because it’s like having a friend.”
The Lin’s whole family has names that start with a J, and the brothers are also the same height.
“We’re both very sarcastic, and sometimes bully each other,” Joshua said. “He is annoying, but he helps me out a lot. When I’m sick, he gets my homework from the teachers for me.”
The brothers began their musical career in orchestra, with Jeremy playing the cello and Joshua playing the violin. Their sister actually convinced them to join drumline, and together, the twins play the vibraphones in pit.
Celyna and Lewana Su
Senior Celyna Su and Sophomore Lewana Su are sisters who love traveling to Asia and watching Korean dramas.
In ASB, C. Su is Media Director, and L. Su is Technical Director, and they work together at times when their projects correspond with each other. C. Su’s job deals mainly with the use of Photoshop, and her younger sister’s role deals more with filming and videos.
“I’m really gonna miss high school, especially becaue I talk to her a lot at home and at school,” C. Su said. “Next year, it’ll be pretty lonely and definitely not as comfortable.”
Without her older sister, L. Su would not have joined Dragonflicks or ASB. Celyna has given her advice on which classes to take and which activities to join.
“I wouldn’t be where I am now in school without her,” L. Su said. “I like how she’s not afraid to speak up. I’m so proud of her because she learned most of her coding and designing skills by herself, which is not easy.”
Both of their names mean “bright” and “moon,” and their mom actually has a name that also has similar meaning.
“We aren’t that alike because she us more of a louder, more outgoing person, ” L. Su said. “I’m more of a serious person and a bit more awkward.”
Ryan and Regis Lee
Despite their bickering on the court and at home, Junior Regis Lee and Freshman Ryan Lee work together to become better tennis players and students.
Both in Boys Varsity Tennis, the Lee brothers give tips to each other to become better athletes. As the older brother, Regis also guides his little brother through high school, helping him with his English homework.
The brothers have been playing for nine years, and they practice with private coaches and play in competitions as doubles partners together.
“Technically, I help him out more, because I’m better than him in tennis,” Ryan said. “We annoy each other a lot, but I’m the more annoying one, because I like to talk a lot.”
As tennis players, Regis relies more on spin and control during games, while Ryan likes to hit shots with more power. They both have different forms, and when they play as doubles partners, they can sometimes get into arguments over missing shots, or messing up.
“We try to power through together on the court, putting away our differences,” Regis said. “I try my best to take care of him even though he can be irritating.”
The Lees say that they have very different personalities, with Ryan being curious and upbeat and Regis being more laid back, peacefully drawing in his spare time.

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