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March 20, 2017

Go green by conserving water

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Senior Jessica Huang spent the Camellia Festival surrounded by blue and green posters at the TC Youth Committee Water Conservation booth.
With the above average storms pouring down these past few months, many people are assuming that the drought is gone and that California is replenished with water once again. But the committee intends to inform the general public that drought or not, water is a limited resource that needs to be conserved. Their advice to people is to take shorter showers, turn the tap off more often and water the lawn only twice a week.
“The booth was a reminder that we still have the drought as an issue, and these aspects of our daily lives really consume hundreds of gallons per day,” Junior Brandon Zhang said. “We need to remind ourselves that we are fortunate to have access to this clean water.”
Huang guided Camellia Festival-goers in playing a spin-the-wheel game, which consisted of questions related to water conservation. If the participant answered correctly, he or she would get either free snacks, tiny hourglass sand shower timers or water bottles with water conservation facts on them.
“People don’t know exactly how much water is used,” Huang said. “We are trying to spread awareness and make sure that people are more conscious when they use water.”
The Youth Committee received donations from California American Water, East Pasadena Water Company, Golden State Water Company, Upper District and Sunny Slope Water. With these companies’ aid, the committee set up the booth.
“It is our job as a society to ensure that our condition keeps improving and to expand on its fourth year,” Junior Joey Yu said. “Our goal is to inform the general population about the impacts and effects we have on water conservation.”

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