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March 20, 2017

Putting PE clothes ambiguity to rest

In order to get credit in physical education class, students must change out of street clothes and into appropriate attire. However, a common misconception about them is that they require a Temple City logo on them, when in fact, students are not required to buy PE clothes at all. In fact, the cross-country and track teams usually run in their athletic clothing without any problems.
Assembly Bill 1575 prohibits any student enrolled in a public school from being required to pay fees that would otherwise prevent participation in class. Additionally, this bill prevents the deduction of class credit due to the fact that a student did not provide money, goods or services to the school. While the school may still solicit students for a donation, nobody is required to donate.
“To earn points, Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier said. “Students should be dressed appropriately for active participation.”
The beginning of the school year registration packet the states: “sweatshirts and sweat pants must be plain ash gray and maybe worn over the regulation PE uniform, not over the school clothes. In addition, white, green, and gold sweatshirts with TCHS affiliations will be allowed.”
For those that do not want to pay for a PE uniform and do not own any clothes along those guidelines, the class will provide an acceptable uniform free of charge.
“I really wish that I got more of a notification than a piece of paper,” Junior Jimmy Gao said. “I do not recall my PE teacher mentioning anything about having the ability to bring in our own clothing.”
The Fitness for Life syllabus, posted on Edline, mentioned shirts and sweatpants with a TC logo, but Mr. Jerry Lawrence clarified that the TC logo is not required. Instead, the TC logo is mentioned because PE clothing should only have TC club, atheletic and extracurricular logos and graphics, as opposed to brand name logos. This correction along with further clarification will be adjusted in the syllabus.
During sixth period on March 16, the majority of students in PE classes were wearing the TC PE t-shirt and shorts, while a handful of students wore their own clothes.

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