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March 20, 2017

Try these different green filled entrees at local plant based restaurants

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Recently, many establishments have begun to solely focus on plant-based meals while limiting their amount of animal product foods. Of the many restaurants that satisfy the new consumer’s palette in our surrounding areas, Tender Greens, Lemonade and Veggie Grill are the most popular. All three restaurants serve different varieties of green foods with their own unique twists on classic dishes.
Tender Greens
On a Friday night, the line was out the door. Tender Greens has many variations of traditional home-cooked meals, with a heightened focus on nutrition. The restaurant is dimly lit, and has low music playing. The Harvest Salad, which was $11.50, seemed like the right choice with green apples, arugula, pomegranates, cheese, nuts and a sweet yet tangy vinaigrette.
The green apple complemented the cheese and arugula, and the small pomegranate seeds provided a burst of flavor with every bite. Every order comes with a piece of bread that goes well with almost everything on their menu. Their staff is hardworking and eager to help with anything that is needed.
Another hot item that many people have ordered is, surprisingly, fried chicken, which costs $11.50. Although the restaurant was slightly loud and crowded, it was well worth it.
With all of these factors combined, the customer experience prior to the meal as well as after was satisfactory and gratifying.
Lemonade was the next stop, and with a cafeteria style ordering system, choosing and ordering food was quick and painless. For a Saturday night at 7 p.m., it was not particularly loud besides the usual clanging of dishes. There were many places to sit and the inside of the restaurant was extremely clean and well kept.
Food is purchased by portion, with vegan and vegetarian options available. Lemonade allows their customers to sample food prior to ordering. Simply ask, and an employee will provide a small sample.
At first, the portions seemed small, and didn’t looking filling. I ordered soba noodles with kimchi vegetables and a portion of the watermelon radish with seared ahi tuna from the Marketplace menu for $2.95 each, and classic truffle mac and cheese from the Hot Dishes menus for $4.50 ended up on my plate.
The soba noodles with kimchi vegetables were thin and light but packed with the subtle flavor of its creamy sesame vinaigrette. It contained peanuts, carrots, cauliflower, green onion and red bell pepper.
The watermelon radish and seared ahi tuna had a good ratio of tuna to radish and a delightful sesame vinaigrette.  The general combination tasted refreshing.
Overall, the portions were appropriately sized and filling. The ambiance of the restaurant was friendly and inviting, and it accommodates large groups of people.
Veggie Grill
On a Sunday afternoon, Veggie Grill had many customers. Despite this, it was not difficult to find seating, since the restaurant offers both inside and outside dining areas. Inside, it was well lit, and there was contemporary music playing at a low level.
After observing the menu and standing in a short line to order, the Seoul Bowl, which was $11.75, seemed like an optimal choice; it has a variety of protein options (tofu, veggie steak or imitation chicken). The tempura green bean fries for $6.95 were impossible to pass up. Shortly after ordering, there was a number associated with our meal. The food was served shortly soon after.
Unlike other establishments that normally sell sodas, Veggie Grill only has water and an assortment of lemonades, teas and juices. The cucumber mint limeade first was cool and refreshing but contained cucumber pulp that was slightly overwhelming. However, the strawberry lemonade was light and sweet.
The appetizer was served first; the green bean tempura fries were just right, having a good mixture of a crisp outside and soft inside. Not too long after, my Seoul Bowl came, complete with veggie steak, Korean supergrain, carrots, pickled red onions, cabbage, arugula, scallions, sesame seeds and a sweet and spicy sauce on the side called gochujang.
The steak had a consistency similar to meatloaf but went well with the slightly spicy sauce. The supergrain had little taste originally, but with the gochujang added in, it became very flavorful.
The staff was amicable, and the interior design was both quaint and aesthetic.

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