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April 17, 2017

Construction comes to an end

After two years of construction, the three new buildings, comprised of 32 classrooms, are nearing completion. During summer, construction crews will renovate 701, 710 and 711 into a dance studio and they will also make room for a foreign language computer lab in the 500 building.
The new dance studio will contain mirrors, ballet bars, a hardwood dance floor and storage closets. Dance groups and drama classes currently rehearse in room 601. The studio will elminate schedule conflicts by allowing each group their own space.
“Never have I ever been so excited about school before. The new dance studio ensures that Choreo and other dance groups will have their place on campus,” Junior Hillary Si said. “It shows us that our hard work, blood, sweat and tears are recognized and appreciated.”
The school will also build a new computer lab designated for foreign language classes. Over 20 years agoclassrooms 510-513 were converted into four rooms to create an extra class. Now they will be reformed back into the three original classrooms, one of which will be the new lab. The lab’s technology will enable students to perfect their skills in their respective languages.
“I’m really excited for the new lab, especially since it will just be for foreign language,” French teacher Ms. Marie-Francoise Ho Dang said. “I feel the new computers will motivate the students to better their pronunciation and conjugations through online activities they actually enjoy.”
The classrooms in the new buildings will feature a smartboard similar to the Eno board. Though the decision has not been solidified, administration is leaning towards the 70” ViewSonic touchscreen monitor.
This monitor does not require a stylus to write or erase and its wireless ability will be compatible with personal laptops, MacBooks and iPads. The ViewSonic can also take screenshots and automatically store them to Dropbox or Google Drive.
Administration is considering purchasing additional in-class Chromebook carts. However, this decision will depend on how much money remains in the budget after the presentation technology is implemented.
The buildings will allow administration to separate the English, mathematics and social science departments by moving most of the teachers into the new classrooms. This move will create space in the 500 building for the foreign language department.
Once summer classes end, the school will return the rented portables behind the baseball field, leaving an empty space. This area will become an extension of the practice field for various athletics. The P1-P8 portables, however, will remain.
Since the new studio will take over art teacher Ms. Kim Cales current classroom, she will move into Yearbook’s current room, 704. To accommodate her, 704 will be renovated to include a sink, drying station and tile flooring.
However, this move will greatly affect Yearbook because their current room contains everything they need. This includes an office space utilized as a photo studio and computers for designers. The class also has a large capacity allowing members to privately conduct interviews and comfortably store their large amount of equipment. Yearbook adviser, Ms. Lynn Alvarez, is currently working on how they will manage the move without having to make major changes to their production.
“We really just love this room, it has a photo studio, a conference table, a row of computers and a presentation stage,” Junior Thomas Tanakun said. “I think we can manage with the new room, but it will definitely be a major shift.”
Construction is anticipated to end during the end of April, but the new buildings will not be used until the following school year because of furniture and technology that has to be set into place.

Construction is anticipated to end during the end of April, but the new buildings will not be used until the following school year because of furniture and technology that has to be set into place.

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