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April 17, 2017

Huang’s love for shoes fuels her self-expression

adidas nmd

For many, sneakers are simply the shoes that they put on everyday. For Junior Erika Huang, however, sneakers are not simple, everyday shoes; they are her passion.
Huang started collecting sneakers during her freshman year because she enjoys the hype from buying them and the comfort that they provide her.
She currently has 12 pairs in her collection, including her most limited pair which are her Adidas NMDs in salmon pink which she bought for $140.
“My favorite pair of shoes are my NMDs in grey and pink,” Huang said. “I like that pair because they consist of two of my favorite colors and they’re really comfortable.”
When buying a new pair, Huang looks at the appearance and color and then decides if the colors and style of the shoe complements her own personal style.
Huang makes most of her purchases online, the majority of them from Adidas. She typically spends around $120 and she prefers to buy more limited edition, rare sneakers. She typically buys shoes that are only available for a limited time.
Besides the hype over Adidas shoes in recent fashion trends, Huang also prefers the brand due to their comfortable sneakers. She feels that they fit her feet very well and don’t hurt her or give her blisters while walking, unlike other brands.
“Buying shoes makes me feel good but also guilty because of how expensive they are,” Huang said. “Whenever I get the shoes I want it makes me really happy. Buying shoes are like getting concert tickets to a show that you’ve really wanted to see.”
For her next sneaker purchase, Huang plans to buy a pair of Adidas EQT Support 93/17, which typically go for around $180.
In addition to her love for sneakers, Huang also enjoys shoes from other brands. She also has shoes from Nike, Toms, Doc Martens, and Birkenstock. Her favorite pair of shoes, aside from her Adidas NMDs, are her classic black Doc Marten boots.

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