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April 17, 2017

Getting with the latest matcha hype

Matcha, a finely ground powder made from green tea, has been on a rise lately. Some places specialize in matcha, while others only feature it.
Yum Creamery
Yum Creamery is a newly opened ice cream spot in Arcadia that serves Thai-styled ice cream rolls with a wide variety of unique flavors and toppings. Each cup of ice cream costs about $6, and includes two free toppings and one sauce. The rolls are handcrafted right in front of salviating customers. The dessert place also has a list of specially made combinations of flavors and  toppings for more tasty options.
One special menu item is called the Greenland, which includes matcha-flavored ice cream topped with mochi, cheesecake and Pocky. The green tea flavor was not too sweet but still flavorful, and the ice cream had more of a filling, thick texture. Both the mochi and cheesecake are pleasantly chewy and sweet, and complimented the green tea flavor unexpectedly well. The dessert as a whole had a great balance of sweetness. The whole cup of ice cream was a reasonably large portion that is very filling, and is overall a very wholesome dessert to enjoy.
The interior’s black-and-white theme is simple, but cozy place for customers to sit down and enjoy their ice cream. There are plenty of desks around the dessert place for an afterschool study session with a friend, or a hangout with the family. The employees are also extremely friendly and are enthusiastic about tailoring their desserts to perfection by asking for opinions from their customers about their ice creams.
For those who want to join in on the matcha craze, this brand new dessert shop is a great option to start out with for the comfortable environment and unique ice cream styles that they offer.
Matcha Matcha
Located in the new EAT court in the Santa Anita mall, Matcha Matcha is a dessert place with various matcha-based snacks ranging from $3.50 to $5.50. The location is best known for its soft serve but also offers an array of delicious foods, including donuts and cakes, as well as refreshing iced drinks.
Its popular matcha soft serve with regular sweetness went well with white mochi and sweet red beans. Each soft serve comes with two toppings. The soft serve was presented with a perfect swirl with toppings on the side, and had a rich, creamy texture.
By itself, the mochi was bland but had a satisfying and chewy texture that added a balance to the dessert when eaten with the ice cream. The red beans perfectly balanced the strong matcha flavor by adding a punch of sweetness to every bite with the matcha soft serve. Overall, the dessert as a whole blended together well and was very fulfilling to eat on a hot day.
Aside from the table that is set up directly in front of the window, where customers can view Matcha Matcha employees creating the desserts, it is typically difficult to find seating near the shop. However, the extravagant murals and plant-themed decorations around the food court make more of an attractive ambiance to enjoy the desserts in if one is lucky enough to snag an empty table inside or outside the Promenade.
Although some may be fearful of the long wait at first, it took no longer than 15 minutes to reach the front of the line thanks to the employees’ quick service. Aside from the hassle of trying to find a seat in the crowded area, Matcha Matcha is a must try for all matcha lovers for its reasonable prices and tasty green tea desserts.

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