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April 17, 2017

Across the Atlantic, Rams explore Spain


Most foreign languages offer a trip every two years, and during this year’s spring break, Spanish teacher Ms. Colleen Pieri chaperoned 26 Spanish students on their Spain trip. Organized by EF Educational Tours, students visited five cities in eleven days.
While visiting Spain, students practiced Spanish with the natives of Spain, and throughout the trip, they visited many historical Spanish landmarks, such as La Sagrada Familia. The students were constantly on the go, visiting Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and Córdoba.
“My favorite memory was definitely the day we had tapas in a cave styled restaurant,” Junior Thaddeus Yan said. “The food was absolutely delicious, and the musical performance was truly memorable. I had the most amazing time singing and laughing with my fellow Spain trip friends.”
Once they arrived at the different cities, the students were free to explore the cities with their group, and shop at personal expenses.
“During the trip, I got to know the people in my group better, and we made memories that will last a lifetime,” Senior Samantha Shlam said. “My favorite memory would be bike riding in Barcelona. We went from the small cobblestone streets to the oceanside. Although it was difficult at times it was still so much fun.”
Students learned about Spain’s history, embracing the Spanish culture as they walked around the cities. They took many tours, especially by bus, and ate authentic foods.
“My favorite thing about Spain was the old architecture, from the small streets to the huge cathedrals,” Shlam said. “Everywhere we went I was left in awe. I learned so much about their culture and saw so many breathtaking sights.”
They tasted traditional Spanish paella, ice cream and even tried Spanish McDonald’s. They also visited the FC Barcelona stadium, although it was not included in their original plan. The next Spain trip is projected to be in 2019.
During the trip, the students were able to experience many other activities that previous students did not endure in the past Spain trips. Pieri made sure that all the students enjoyed the journey, and she would also share her own knowledge of Spain.
“The people in our group made the experience even better, from all our conversations to the complaints about the hotel wifi,” Yan said. “The Spain trip was absolutely phenomenal, and there are no doubts about it.”
In Spain, the travelers watched a flamenco show, which is a traditional Spanish dance. They were able to learn from a flamenco performer and experience the style of dance.
Previously, the other language classes have traveled, touring France, Germany and China.
Unfortunately, the French trip did not occur this year, like the Paris bombings. French teacher Ms. Marie Francoise Hodang deemed the trip too unsafe. However, she plans to have a trip next year to make up for this.
For German students, their last recent trip was in 2013, during which they explored different German cities, and visited the Berlin Wall when it was in place.
German teacher Ms. Judy Graunke organizes the trip herself, planning all of the activities that the students will experience. The last Chinese trip was in 2012, where students visited major cities like Beijing.
In all foreign language trips, students learn about traditions and cultures of their subjects. They practice their language skills, and ultimately return home with a better understanding of the culture and language they have been learning for years.

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