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April 17, 2017

Disney film embraces LGBTQ+

Since my childhood, I have proudly watched Disney gradually evolve and diversify its story plots and characters to become more accepting of the world.
Disney recently debuted their first gay character, Le Fou, in its highly anticipated princess movie remake “Beauty and the Beast.” The debut of Le Fou’s gay character has stirred up controversy with some criticizing Disney for introducing its first gay character in a lame, insignificant manner or corrupting the original plotline or praising Disney for finally widening its perspective horizons.
Le Fou, translated from French, literally means the fool, so you can see why people of the LGBT community were understandably taken aback by Disney’s first gay character.
The gay relationship received the spotlight for simply only a brief second, which added to the gay community’s frustration of Disney’s weak debut of its first gay character.
However, rather than going on a rampage about the different ways Disney could have debuted their first gay character, let’s just step back and appreciate the fact that Disney is acknowledging and accepting that gay people even exist in the world.
The company is taking its large and widely viewed platform to address its audience to essentially embrace same-sex relationships because the gay movement is rapidly growing, and it’s here to stay.
There have been incidents where countries and theaters have banned the screening of “Beauty and the Beast” because of its gay plotline. Parents have called the company out for presenting a gay couple to their young kids, but why should this even be considered a problem? There are many children who have identified themselves as gay, even before they have turned double digits. In some cases, there are children who have not even understood their true feelings and do not even realize they’re gay.
Why are people even trying to censor something as big as same-sex relationship? This topic is so widely known that trying to hide it from everyone is only contributing to the LGBT community by giving it more publicity.
Despite all the controversy, I am extremely proud of Disney for being more inclusive and accepting.
It is not easy for such a highly respected company to put themselves in a position, in which they could receive so much hate.
Some people may say the debut of this gay character was used as a publicity stunt to expand their audience, but in the end, Disney took the risk and introduced their first gay character.
No matter how much controversy this may stir up, Disney is taking steps, no matter how small, to embracing the world and its people in its entirety.

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Melody Lo
Melody Lo is similar to your average teenage girl who constantly sends embarrassing SnapChats to her friends and immediately regrets them. She absolutely adores listening to K-POP and agonizes during the moments when she is not able to listen to it. On a side note, don't get her mad because she does fencing and is often referred to as a "professional stabber".



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