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April 17, 2017

Golf swings into full drive

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With an overall record of 5-3-1, the Varsity Golf team hopes to finish the rest of its season with a decrease in scores of individual players. Each stroke makes up a point in individual scores, with six golfers playing a nine-hole course. The highest score is dropped, and the team with the lowest score carries the victory.
“We just finished off preseason, and our team is improving every match,” Junior Jordan Loh said. “I think this year our overall average team score will be much better than last year.”
Despite recent successes, the Rams look to upcoming matches against challenging opponents. During their match against La Cañada on April 4, the Rams played a close game, but the Spartans pulled away at the end, winning 220-199. The Rams hope to make a comeback when they face them again on April 18.
“The match against La Cañada was challenging,” Sophomore Austin Sun said. “But I think the intense competition was what made it more fun. The fact that I got to play alongside great company and that the course was well-maintained made the match more enjoyable.”
Heavy rains interfered with practices and matches, flooding some courses including La Salle match on March 21. The mud hindered coordination and overall accuracy, leading to officials calling off the match.
“Our first group thought the rain was kind of fun so we played it through normally,” Loh said. “However, almost at the end of the match, it was raining immensely, so we stopped the match. The game ended with a tie.”
While the Rams excel at long shots and maintaining a positive mindset, they strive to improve their short game by supplementing practices with chipping and putting competitions.
“I hope to be able to qualify for the CIF individual playoffs and getting our team in a position where we can compete in CIF,” Sun said. “So far, I’ve enjoyed being able to meet players from other schools and see our team improve together.”

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