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April 17, 2017

Erstad: Snapping the best shot

erstad - betta one
There are many factors that contribute to a sensational picture. Photographers such as Junior Amanda Erstad incorporate these elements in order to achieve the perfect shot.
Erstad became interested in photography in 2014, when she bought a camera for her birthday and began teaching herself. As a sophomore, she made it into Yearbook and now, as a junior, is a staff photographer who shoots students in sporting events, assemblies or highlight photos. Erstad will be Yearbook’s photo editor as a senior, and a mentor to incoming members.
Erstad has three tips for taking better photographs:
1. Know the camera settings and photography rules. Erstad recommends shooting in manual mode because it adapts to any lighting easily.
In manual mode, there are three changeable settings: shutter speed, ISO and aperture. Shutter speed affects the speed at which the camera’s shutter opens and closes. ISO is the setting that determines the camera’s sensitivity to light while aperture controls the focus on the background. It is also vital for a photographer to know at least some of the photography rules, the most important ones being the rule of thirds, leading lines, patterns and repetition, center of interest and peak of emotion.
2. Have patience. Taking photos requires patience since sometimes a person can hit the button at the right time and take the perfect photo, but there are other times when they have to wait and try different poses and angles to get the perfect shot.
3. Allow room for personal growth. When a person begins photography, they are not going to be the best photographer. However, if they have a strong passion, they will improve steadily and develop their own photography style.
Erstad is hired by people to take pictures for them. So far she has taken prom, homecoming, winter formal pictures and even engagement photos. Her prices depend on the occasion, but she plans to sell prom photos for around $35 to $40. Erstad also has an Instagram portfolio, where it can be found at @amandacaptures.
Erstad aspires to attend the Art Center College of Design or the California Institute of the Arts for their photography courses and also dreams of becoming a professional photographer for a magazine like TIME.
“Photography always relieves my stress from school and home,” Erstad said. “I’m able to be with the models and connect with them and tell their story through my lens.”

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