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Temple City High School


June 8, 2017

News briefs

Special Education Prom
Entering the tropical dance floor for a prom experience like no other, special education students from 14 different districts throughout the Los Angeles County gathered in the gym on May 25 for the 3rd annual Special Education Local Plan prom.
This year marked the first time that the Associated Student Body Leadership and the cabinet members of Society of Friends organized this event.
The Student Board representative, Senior Jessica Huang relayed the messages from the student board to ASB to assist in bringing SELPA prom to TCHS.
“I think it was awesome,”special education teacher Margaret Mitschka said. “It was very nice that it was on campus, so that they were able to be in a familiar place.”
The ASBL and Society of Friends club cabinet were in charge of the decorations that corresponded to this years Luau theme.
“I love the idea,” Senior Annie Lee said. “It gives the students who aren’t able to go to their school prom have the same and fun high school experience.

Cafeteria Update
After frantically digging in his backpack for change, Freshman Sam Campbell used to reluctantly walk away from the breakfast cart as students waiting behind groaned in frustration from waiting.
However, the cafeteria recently transitioned into a new system that allows students who purchase snacks during break.
Rather than using the breakfast cart which has been in service for the past few years, snacks are now available at multiple windows in the lunch shelter.
The new system allows students to use money stored in their lunch accounts to pay for their snacks, however, this option does not apply to all students. Those in the free or reduced lunch program., must use physical cash to pay for their any extra snacks they purchase.
“Overall it’s a good change because it lets kids that forget cash still buy snacks,” Campbell said. I really liked the breakfast cart, but I am completely fine with the lines since they are close to my class.”
The cafeteria staff is now able to access the Point of Sale systems, a program that allows the staff to access student account balances, on their computer for each snack line.

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