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June 13, 2017

Mr. Perry retires from Oak Avenue


After 14 years at Oak Intermediate School, physical science teacher Mr. Loyal Perry has retired from teaching.

Mr. Perry majored in electrical engineering in college. Throughout his years at Oak, Mr. Perry always maintained a close relationship with his students. For him, teaching has been a rewarding experience to see his students, past and present, grow.

“I will miss the 45 minutes of teaching,” Mr. Perry said. “All those meetings and everything is what I could do without, but just from the beginning to the end of class, that’s what I’ll miss: just hanging out with the kids.”

Graduated senior Sanya Mital recollects her memories of being in Mr. Perry’s class as she shares her favorite moments.

“I always remember him pushing us to work hard and the activities we did in his class, like flying those paper rockets across the lawn,” Mital said. “My favorite thing about him is his humor and how he always made learning fun.”

Yet, he wishes to leave some last words of advice to all of his students.

“I hope my students keep all their options open,” Mr. Perry said. “Never close the door on anything, because I never set out to be a teacher, and yet 32 years later here I am. So just keep all the possibilities open. Reach for what’s out there.”

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