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Temple City High School


June 22, 2017

Mercy Housing leaves Rosemead Boulevard

Temple City residents protested the Mercy Housing project at the May 16th city council meeting.

Mercy Housing California has withdrawn from their proposed low-income housing project on Rosemead Boulevard as of June 19, 2017. The purpose of the project was to provide permanent housing for veterans and homeless individuals living on the streets of San Gabriel Valley. However, The Golden Motel recently received a higher offer for the property, leading Mercy Housing to withdraw their application.

“I am not shocked about the withdrawal at all because many protested against this project,” Sophomore Steven Salas said. “Three schools are within the motel’s vicinity and if the project were to finish, there would be possible negative interactions between the residents and students.”

Although Mercy Housing California terminated the project on Rosemead Boulevard, the company–and those who supported it–continue their efforts to stop the homelessness crisis.

“I hope that Mercy Housing is able to build permanent supportive housing elsewhere in the San Gabriel Valley, so the people who would have been helped via the Golden Motel project will have a place to live,” Temple City resident Wen Lee said. “I also hope that in the future, Temple City might reconsider hosting one of these housing projects, perhaps at a smaller scale.”

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