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September 5, 2017

Football charges into the new season


Head Football Coach Riley Saxon and the football team have been working for months to prepare for the 2017 season. Since he was hired last spring, Coach Saxon has been introducing new strategies, shifting players’ positions and changing the team’s mindset.
The team’s efforts showed through in the Aug. 25 game against the Pasadena Polytechnic Panthers, which ended in a 20-7 victory for the Rams. Defensive plays such as an interception in the end zone prevented the Panthers from scoring for the majority of the game, while Temple City scored twice in the first half to bring the score to 14-7. Quarterback Senior Justin Bowman cemented the Rams’ victory with a third touchdown close to the end of the fourth quarter.
“I think it showed a lot of heart from all of our players and our fans,” Athletic Director Cary Smith said. “It was great to see all the players get excited and see the fans yelling and screaming. It really felt like Temple City as a city was winning, as opposed to just the 25 boys on the varsity team.”
One reason for the team’s new sense of community is the return of Coach Saxon after his break from football in 2016. Following a series of coaches who were unconnected to Temple City, the team was relieved to have a familiar face. Coach Saxon coached many of the varsity football players in their freshman year, and they trust him to drive the team forward the way he did three years ago.
“Since Coach Saxon was hired, there has been much more positivity and unity for the team,” Bowman said. “When we found out that it was him, we were all super excited to work with him and win.”
To get ready for the season, the team spent the summer practicing every afternoon along with Monday and Wednesday mornings. Players did conditioning, learned new techniques and memorized defensive and offensive plays. They will continue this training schedule throughout the fall.
The team’s next home games are against the Alhambra Moors on Sept. 8, San Gabriel Matadors on Sept. 22 and Monrovia Wildcats on Nov. 3. The Homecoming game will be on Oct. 13 against the South Pasadena Tigers.
A significant and ongoing aspect of success in football, or any other school sport, is student support. Students can help the team in a variety of ways, including attending games and joining the Herd, the ASBL-led cheering section. In addition, students can purchase chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered raisins and pecan pralines for $2 from any football player or Coach Saxon as part of their annual fundraiser.

About the Author

Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso
Kaiya Pomeroy-Tso is a TCHS junior and second year staff writer for Rampage. She writes articles, takes pictures, and does illustrations for the publication! She also edits and designs a monthly newsletter for Longden Elementary.



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