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Temple City High School


September 5, 2017

The New Fidget Seaters

After returning to school, many students had the opportunity to experience the futuristic world through the new buildings. One popular new addition was the rolling fidget chairs! Students immediately fell in love with the chairs since because they are the only things allowed to be moved around in the classrooms.
“I almost fell off this chair because of how much fun I had rolling around,” Sophomore Hype Er said. “These chairs are the only things I look forward to when I go to class everyday. I prefer the green chairs because it reminds me of my old fidget spinner that one of my teachers took away.”
Some teachers believe their students’ newfound discovery of freedom is beneficial to their personal growth. But others have mixed feelings about these fidget chairs because students often are too busy rolling around instead of focusing on the class lessons.
“This whole hassle leaves me with a headache, one student even rolled over my foot,” History teacher Mr. Wyde U. Dudis said. “Before, the only thing spinning were tiny fidget spinners. Now, every student is fidgeting around in their chairs. One of my students rolled right out of the classroom and I haven’t seen her since.”

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