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September 5, 2017

“Okja” film opens eyes


Netflix’s original movie, “Okja,” is the newest release from South Korean director Bong-Joon-Ho. The film takes on a unique storyline with an important message about the meat industry.
The movie focuses on an adolescent girl, Mija, and her gentle, massive grey pig, Okja. They had an inseparable relationship for ten years. Thus, when Okja is selfishly kidnapped by meat company Mirando Corporation, Mija sets off to save Okja from her dreadful fate of being slaughtered for food.
While watching the film, it personally affected me in that it forced me to reflect on the time when I made the life changing decision to became a vegetarian.
I remember watching a heart wrenching documentary that influenced me to have a deeper understanding on animal cruelty. Whenever I ate meat, I felt guilty for eating something that had been abused.
“Okja” helped me have a better insight into the meat industry. Although the movie features an imaginary character, the film still sheds light on the reality of animal treatment in the meat industry. There were several moments when I began to shed tears at the thought of animals suffering.
In no way am I trying to make you feel obligated to become a vegetarian or vegan. Instead, I am attempting to shine a light on the inhumane reality of animal cruelty. The world has been shielded from the meat industry’s behavior for too long. It is time for the world to face and address animal cruelty.
Director Bong-Joon-Ho effectively forces the audience to experience a roller coaster of emotions that truly convey the message of animal cruelty. His use of  strong characters, storyline, and emotions effectively relay the issue of animal cruelty to the world in an intriguing manner that appeals to the mass majority.
Overall, this film has widened my perspective and exposed me to the torture animals suffer in the meat industry even more.
I highly recommend this brilliant film because the director effectively forces his audience to understand the need to spread awareness of the truth in the meat industry.

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