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September 5, 2017

Ortega’s fashion revolution

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For Senior Alex Ortega when the school year ended, a new chapter of style began.
Ortega was one of many students that took summer school classes and it served as another reason to stay stylish.
“I would wear this when I want something to wear casually, but also formally,” Ortega said. “I like to wear things with a lot of color.”
Starting from the bottom up, Ortega’s outfit consists of a pair of Asics high-tops adorned by Tokidoki stickers,.
His bright, red jeans are accompanied by a leather belt, a watch modeled after the one showcased in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and a tucked in dress shirt originally marketed towards girls and a hat Ortega inherited from his grandfather.
By incorporating clothing marketed towards girls, Ortega creates his own unique outfit that differs from the current fashion trends of the modern day.
This way Ortega challenges the concept of binary marketing while giving his style a sense of purpose that other styles lack.
“When looking for clothes,” Ortega said. “You shouldn’t be concerned about what gender it is marketed for.”
Vibrant colors are one of the most important factors that Ortega uses to stand out.
By having a colorful collection of clothes, he is able to exude vibrancy in every outfit that he wears.
Ortega wears a stylish black leather belt which proves to be a legendary combination when paired with jeans.
It provides an important contrast of colors as well as a color border between his beige dress shirt and his red jeans, tying his entire outfit together perfectly.
Many fashion styles exist in the world today, and Ortega’s is one that doesn’t comply with binary marketing, one that exudes vibrancy, and one that challenges modern trends.
By representing his beliefs in his style, Ortega has a purpose in every outfit and takes steps in revolutionizing the way the world sees fashion.

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