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September 5, 2017

A beginner’s guide to our dedicated office ladies

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Have you ever had a question but didn’t know who to ask? Meet the office secretaries, TCHS’s hidden heroes. They work hard to ensure your high school career runs as smoothly as possible.

Ms. Cathie Dingley
Attendance Office

If you miss school, you must notify Attendance office clerk Ms. Cathie Dingley within 48 hours of the absence. You can approve your absence by bringing a note to her or having your parent or guardian call the Attendance office. She will follow up on all absences that haven’t been confirmed with her, and inform your parents of any unexcused absences.
You can reach Ms. Dingley in the Attendance office or by calling (626) 548-5047 or (626) 548-5048.

Ms. Gayle Shaffer
Activities Office

For any ASB-related needs, head to Room 311, where Activities Office staff member Ms. Gayle Shaffer is in charge of all student payments, such as book fines, lost ID cards, dance ticket sales, birthday grams and athletic transportation contributions. Regarding student athletes, you need to submit a new physical to Ms. Shaffer before your season starts.
The Activities office also includes a small store, where Ms. Shaffer sells several snacks and school gear.

Ms. Mary Peterson
Principal’s Secretary

In order to hold a club event afterschool, you must first speak with the Principal’s secretary Ms. Mary Peterson.
She is in charge of all facility requests and can help you fill out a facility request form in order to reserve a specific spot for future plans when needed. Areas that are available for renting are the quad, gym, media center and more.
As Principal Dr. Jennifer Lashier’s secretary, Ms. Peterson can also set up appointments for any students who wish to speak with the principal for important reasons.
You can contact Ms. Peterson outside of the principal’s office or at (626) 548-5042.

Ms. Janet Avery
Discipline Office

If you have a question about school discipline rules or anything that the other offices are not in charge of, Discipline office secretary Ms. Janet Avery can answer them.
Ms. Avery takes care of discipline records and ensures that corrective measures are taken to fix student misbehavior. During the summer, she also serves as the secretary for summer school.
Although she is in the Discipline office, Ms. Avery works for the assistant principals and sometimes helps other staff members.
She occasionally assists as a substitute for the nurse or the principal’s secretary, Ms. Peterson, with her duties. You can get in touch with Ms. Avery in the Discipline office or by calling (626) 548-5044.

Ms. Tessi Ridley

If you have any questions concerning your official school records, please contact the Registrar Ms. Tessi Ridley.
Ms. Ridley holds all your school cumulative files. She knows all about students’ transcripts, so she can help you send your transcript to outside institutions. Ms. Ridley aids in printing and mailing your progress and report cards, along with processing your SAT and ACT scores.
For seniors, she will be the person to go to at the end of the year when you are organizing paperwork, such as your diploma, in order to graduate. You can meet Ms. Ridley in the Registrar office or call her at (626) 548-5000 x1589.

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