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September 22, 2017

Smith carries a new title


Former Counselor Mr. Cary Smith began his new position as the Athletic Director this year, after Athletic Director Mr. Ralph Fick decided to return to the classroom. After working as a counselor and a coach for tennis, football and shot put, Mr. Smith seized the chance to become the Athletic Director.
“I thought this was an opportunity for me to not only be a coach, but be coach of the coaches and see what kind of impact I can make,” Mr. Smith said. “It sounded like something I would enjoy and it seemed like it would be fun.”
As the Athletic Director, Mr. Smith oversees all of the athletic programs at school and makes sure they function properly. He is also responsible for hiring coaches, ensuring transportation for teams, checking if the fields are lined correctly and reaching out to other schools.
One of the main goals he hopes to accomplish as an Athletic Director is to bring back the admiration students once had for Temple City athletics.
When the Girls Varsity Tennis team won CIF championships last year, Mr. Smith felt that students did not appreciate the girls’ victory enough.
“What I’d like to do is to reinitiate that feeling of pride,” Mr. Smith said. “So people, even if they are not on a sports team, are proud to say, ‘I go to Temple City High School, and we have league championships.’”
Despite students’ loss of guidance from Mr. Smith, some support his endeavors regardless.
“I really think Mr. Smith would do great as an Athletic Director, because a lot of people liked him as a counselor last year and he always listened to whatever students had to say,” Sophomore Cameron Ly said. “I miss him as a counselor, but I wish him the best this year.”

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Zoe Hsu is a sophomore and staff writer. She enjoys trying new food and going on thrill rides.


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