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September 25, 2017

Cloud nine with Lopez

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Scrolling down Sophomore Matthew Lopez’s Soundcloud account with his DJ name Mattilo, one will see his original song “Lunar” has 19.9k plays and his remix “Black Summer-Young Like Me” has 10.3k plays.
After listening to record producer Martin Garrix’s, electronic dance music, Lopez has aspired to create music like him.
“I remember a watching one of his music videos, and telling myself I want to do this,” Lopez said. “That’s where my love for dance music originated.”
In addition to following his role model’s footsteps, Lopez’s father is a experienced DJ and record producer of Hip-Hop music, providing guidance and support along the way.
“My dad was there for me through everything,” Lopez said. “He made me into who I am today.”
Lopez has been able to collaborate with artists such as C-Kan and Thomas Daniel.
“It’s amazing,” Lopez said. “I never would’ve thought that people would one day be listening to my music.”
Lopez faces some struggles due to his age, but continues to persevere through.
“I just let my music speak for itself,” Lopez said. “I don’t think age means anything; you can be ten, you can be 90, as long as you make good music that is important.”
Lopez not only has a tight schedule producing music but tries to balance school and sports.
“Music has gotten me through school, it motivates me to do well in and out of school,” Lopez said. “It keeps me on my feet at all times of the week as well.”
Lopez’s dream is to become the number one DJ in America. He aspires to go on tour and travel around the world to EDM festivals such as Ultra and Tomorrowland.00

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