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September 25, 2017

Alumni Watch: Soo Hoo?


As the director hushes the crew on set, Alumnus Brandon Soo Hoo takes a deep breath, mentally rehearsing his lines one last time as he gets into character. Lights, camera, action!
Although his most recent works will not be at the local AMC, fans of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” will recognize this 2013 graduate.
For as long as Soo Hoo can remember, he has been working as an actor. Soo Hoo’s interest in acting stemmed from his parents, who encouraged him to audition for small roles and helped him go through his lines. His parents thought that he would be successful in this area, since many of their family members also have careers in the acting industry.
Soo Hoo kicked off his career in the film industry at the age of ten, when he was featured in commercials for Toys “R” Us, ExxonMobil and Land Rover. He then made appearances on “Sesame Street” and Disney Channel, before landing his first major role as Tran, the antagonist in the movie “Tropic Thunder.”
Since then, Soo Hoo has been quickly gaining success, working in productions such as “Ender’s Game,” “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Teen Wolf.”
“I’m very proud to be an Asian American in film,” Soo Hoo said. “Of course, there is some pressure because I feel like I’m representing all of my fellow Asian Americans, but for the most part, it is a very exciting place to be, especially since Hollywood is beginning to diversify.”
Being an actor means that Soo Hoo has to make sacrifices for his career and overcome obstacles that stand in his way. Throughout elementary, middle and high school, Soo Hoo struggled to balance his academics with his career, so he chose not to pursue a college education. However, Soo Hoo does not regret his decision.
“My favorite movie that I have appeared in is ‘Tropic Thunder,’ because Robert Downey Jr.’s performance was so iconic,” Soo Hoo said. “The most fun I’ve had on set is probably in ‘Ender’s Game’, which we filmed in New Orleans for three months. Most of the cast was around the same age, and we all stayed at the same hotel, which resulted in a lot of pranking and us getting into trouble.”
One of Soo Hoo’s most memorable experiences at TCHS was being in English teacher Mr. Dale Smith’s Creative Writing class. While most classes required memorization and critical thinking, Soo Hoo was able to most effectively express himself in Mr. Smith’s class.
“Brandon was already a creative pro when he became my student,” Mr. Smith said. “He kept me on my toes by taking my assignments’ rules and bending them in surprising ways. I really liked watching his mind work that way.”

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