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Temple City High School


September 25, 2017

Pulling up pavement, resizing pool


With the new buildings finally completed, other projects such as renovating the softball field, swimming pool and locker rooms will start in December.
A priority project is the reversion of the Heights–as students had nicknamed it–or the area that the portables were previously located, back into a multi-purpose field.
This process is planned to start in December so that grass can be sown in time for softball season. Another project that is aimed to start in December is the remodeling of the pool and all locker rooms.
“My hope for the softball field this upcoming season is that it gets done on time and that it shows pride for the school,” Sophomore Girls Varsity Softball player Taylor Rose said. “I want it to look good so that the softball team will be proud to play on it.”
At the moment, this 18 month project is currently being bid on by different contracors, but will commence as soon as a deal is made.
While this project is underway, the Water Polo and Swim teams will begin to practice at the Rosemead Park after school. Games and meets will be away at various high schools. This simply means that both the officials and the game ball will be provided by Temple City instead of our opponents.The goal of this project is to expand the pool to 50 meters from its previous 33 yards in order to comply with CIF guidelines.
“I’m super excited for the new pool,” Junior Andre Law said. “Every home meet we’ve had never contributed to our CIF qualifications so now that we can practice in a CIF legal pool, we can improve and have more swimmers qualify.”
Another feature that the construction renovation brings are the new locker rooms that will be refurbished over winter break and will be finished in time for the PE classes and sports to resume as normal.
Due to the restructuring and influx of new furniture in the new building, old tables, desk, file cabinets, etc. are piling up behind the 700s building. At the moment, the school is looking to repurpose those items and donating them to the Temple City district schools. Any remaining furniture will be sold on an auction website.

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