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October 16, 2017

Song shoots his life story in film


With desaturated colors, grainy textures and film scratches, Senior Jonathan Song evokes a feeling of nostalgia in his cherished memories in his video “Memory” released on Oct. 2.
Although a documentary short series might seem like a simple project, Song was held back by his fear of being viewed negatively. However, he overcame this fear and decided that he would go through with this project.
“It’s a battle between my mind and my heart. Will people judge me?” Song said. “But on the other hand, why should I care about how other people view my artwork.”
Song decided to do this documentary short series because he wants to share his life story to viewers and show the difference of who he is inside and outside of school.
He released the first part of the five part series “This is Me” on YouTube. The six-minute video “Memory” is about his past with friends and family who he drifted away from.
Song had been planning his self documentary for two years. He carefully thought out the layout of the film, people for his scenes, and artistic elements to include. Although not required, Song put in all his efforts and time in order to make his project successful.
Many of Song’s friends gave him positive comments about the release. Seeing the success of the first episode and how people enjoyed it made Song feel accomplished and he is looking forward to continuing the project.
“As I uploaded the first part of my film, I was hesitant,” Song said. “But as days and weeks went by, so much positive feedback I have heard and those are the reasons I create art in general.”
Song will be transitioning to a more serious and dark topic in part two where he depicts his emotional rollercoaster, such as his kidney transplant, depression and experience with his parents’ divorce.
He wants people to be able to understand the pain he had, but to also comprehend that it is possible to endure and get through the agony.
“If I went through these things and if you’re going to go through these similar horrific events,” Song said. “You can go through it as well. If I can, you can.”
In addition to completing his senior year requirements, Song is currently working on his second episode. He is constantly filming whenever he can during school hours and editing in the media center after his last class of the day.
“He’s really dedicated to his work and wants to put himself out there,” Sophomore Linya Wu said. “Not in a way of showing off but to just show the world that this is him.”
Song became fascinated with cinematography after developing a passion for photography. He currently is a photographer for three brands; Envision, Caliturban and Lighthouse, which are clothing brands.
In addition, Song enjoys to take photos of his friends in his spare time or for special events, such as homecoming.
Song received his first and current camera as a Christmas present from his mother a few years ago.
At that time, he instantly fell in love with it and quickly wanted to learn how to use the various functions of the camera to capture the best pictures possible.
Song is currently applying to CalArts or Pasadena Arts Center as a photography or cinematography major.

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